Monday 27 October 2014

Hello and welcome to the Clayspace Daylesford Blog! We are bunch of potters, or ceramic artists, or just clay enthusiasts, from a picturesque small town in rural Australia. Obviously, this is our very first post, so I thought I'd spend some time talking about who were are (as a group, I'll introduce the individual artists later...) and why we do what we do.

In 2010 we came together to create the Daylesford Regional Ceramics Cooperative- a not for profit organisation with the aim of providing support, resources and community to anyone interested in the ceramic arts. We are a group of ten or so core organisers plus around fifty members from across the region.

We are passionate about our relationship with clay. Its a wonderful medium to work in for so may reasons. Obviously its tactile and sensual. Its earthy and grounding, and we believe it can be quite transformative and healing. Its uses and applications are incredibly diverse, creating an art form that is ever evolving and expanding. Potters are forever learning and growing, forever experimenting and expanding their knowledge & skills. I am constantly astounded by the remarkable things some artists manage to do with clay.

That's an attractive prospect don't you think? You could never be bored, you will always be learning? Its important to stay curious & keep learning I right? Pottery also comes with an incredibly long and remarkably varied history which is fascinating to discover. Carrying on this art form allows you to feel connected through the ages to potters throughout time- a lovely feeling in itself. The prospect of travelling the world and finding little potting villages is pretty attractive too- and I'm sure you will see a lot of that on this blog in the future.

Okay so there's some reasons why we love it. I guess because we love it so much we want to share it. We want to share it amongst ourselves, discussing our own work and our own progression, but we also want to share it with others. Living in a small rural community, although its very conducive to making art, can sometimes feel a little bit lacking in the arts department. We want to do our bit to share our passion and our knowledge with the community. We want to teach kids. we want to introduce it to adults who need something creative in their life. We'd like to use it help heal, perhaps for a group with dementia, or social or mental health issues.

It can be expensive thing to get started in too, so we hope that by sharing resources, like our kilns, studio space and other equipment we can make it more accessible and doable for anyone wanting to get their hands dirty and have a go. 

Lastly, we know that as a group we can achieve great things. 

In the next few weeks we will be launching a new and exciting project, and I will be bringing you studio tours and insights into the artists behind Clayspace Daylesford .Thank you for joining us on this journey. Anyone who would like to get involved, or wishes to contact us for more information can email us at: 

Photography in this post by the wonderful Tim Burder

Testing testing!

Saturday 25 October 2014

This is a test post. Hello world. We are Clayspace! Welcome to our blog.
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