Oh Hyang Jong at Clayspace Studio

Thursday 3 December 2015

energy is never lost just moved*

Clay is a universal language that enables conversation and connection across cultures. South Korean potter Oh Hyang Jong demonstrated this concept before a capacity crowd at the Clayspace studio on East Street, Daylesford, on 15 and 16 September. 

Mr Oh throwing off the hump using a kick wheel.

Mr Oh preparing slabs by stretching the clay on the floor.

Day one began quietly but over the course of the first day and into the next the energy gathered momentum until the studio was engulfed in a sense of purpose and creativity. It was like a whole-body mediation as people dipped in an out of the action, some watching almost trancelike as he spun bowl after bowl off the kick wheel, others on their haunches on the ground wedging clay snakes for winding into onggi, a traditional Korean vessel dating back to 4000-5000 BC. Some of us had a go at adding the clay snakes to the developing forms with varying degrees of success. 

Mr Oh adding coils.

creating a pot is harnessing the energy

of the clay and uniting it with

the energy of the creator

Mr Oh talked about his work in his native Korean while Ellie Lee Minsoo translated the concepts. The indefatigable Yong Mira provided technical support. Together he/we made voluptuous forms with no base and no purpose other than to give external form to the energy invested. Neville French remarked on their similarity to the trunks of ancient banksias. The forms that survived our ministrations ranged in size from about 80cm to 1.3m each imprinted with evidence of our endeavours. 

Mr Oh and Mira.

 the connection between the clay and the body

 is very important

On day two, Ann Ferguson from Castlemaine brought her gas-powered weed killer to dry out the pots so more coils could be added. The element of fire engenders a primal energy to any situation and this combined with the circular dance required to place the clay generated a thrilling urgency to the process. 

Drying out pots by burning newspaper.

As the finale approached, Neville French and Kim Haughie made slips for Mr Oh while the rest of us were invited to graffiti the largest vessel. The red and white slips were poured into plastic bags before a corner was nipped off in the style of a homemade icing bag. Mr Oh concluded the workshop by squirting slip over the pot with enthusiastic abandon in a final creative outpouring.

Oh Applying slips to the largest of the vessels.

Mr Oh’s workshop was a generous embrace that reignited a gentle fire in me – one that has smouldered ever since. The experience has become a touchstone for my ceramics practice and I have returned to it whenever my own fire has seemed to languish.

By Angie Izard

*All quotes from Mr Oh as translated by Minsoo

Clayspace Daylesford All Hands Exhibition at the Convent Gallery

Thursday 22 October 2015

Come along and see the Clayspace Daylesford All hands Exhibition at the Convent Gallery
Daylesford. Opening Soiree is Friday 30th of October at 6pm. Everyone welcome!

The 'All Hands' Exhibition includes works from a large variety of ceramic artists- some of whom are exhibiting for the first time, and some with decades of experience. Its a wonderful opportunity to experience the breadth of creative skill present in our wonderful local ceramic arts community.


Sunday 23 August 2015

Exciting news!!!
Korean master potter Hyangjong Oh will demonstrate the ancient technique of Onggi in a rare 2 day workshop at Clayspace in Daylesford on 15th and 16th September.

 The making of huge storage jars and fermenting pots in Korea has a long history dating backmany thousands of years and the historical processes and techniques are still in use today. 

This workshop will provide an exciting opportunity to observe a master of Onggi at work and to see the way he creates new sculptural forms of great size and expression.

Cost: $30
Clayspace members: $25

Booking via the Clunes Ceramic Awards


Sunday 21 June 2015

Happy winter Solstice everyone, we hope you are being productive and staying warm by your kilns wherever you are :)

Clayspace will be running Raku Firing Workshop with Kevin Boyd

WHEN: Saturday 25th of July
WHERE: Clayspace Studio, East St. Daylesford
COST: $120 for Clayspace members
($140 for non members)
ENROLMENTS: Kim Haughie on 0428 726 966

If you would like to view our winter newsletter with contains info on other exciting upcoming events and clayspace happenings click here you can also subscribe to receive our newsletter every season in teh top left hand corner of that page ;)

Image & beautifl Raku pieces above by Georgia Harvey

Minna Graham

Friday 3 April 2015

A visit to the magical studio (and home) of Daylesford potter Minna Graham.

Minna's beautiful organic forms are inspired by the natural beauty of the local area and the land on which she lives. Her thrown and carved forms are sculptural and textural, inviting the touch and drawing you in, losing you in their detail. They are beautiful to hold, a small thing of true beauty- simple, but complex at all once. Her work weaves a beautiful story, of history & tradition, ancient but somehow modern in its telling. 

A peek around intriguing studio corners reveals treasures with stories of their own. There's a giant zebra (yes its for sale, yes you should put it in your bedroom) & an even more giant cactus! Every studio needs a giant cactus!

 Its a home & studio bursting with creativity. Tucked away in a hidden valley, the house itself is like a sculpture in its own right- hand built by Minna's partner (who is also responsible for the zebra and cactus awesomeness). In its entirety a home and studio full of magic, creativity and life.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the world of Daylesford artist Minna Graham. I don't know about you but I think the homes & workspaces of creative types are fascinating, beautiful and always interesting! Stay tuned for more studio visits in the near future. 

Party Time!

Wednesday 18 March 2015

This weekend we will be opening the doors to the brand new Clayspace Daylesford Community Ceramics Studio! Made Possible by the awesome POZIBLE campaign we ran last year and your generous pledges to this wonderful project. 

3-6pm this Saturday, come along and have a look at the new studio, peruse some finished pieces by some of the students and teachers and while you are there raise a toast to our 5th birthday!

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