The Clayspace Daylesford Annual Exhibition

Sunday 2 November 2014

On Friday night we held the opening of the Clayspace Daylesford Annual Ceramics Exhibition. It's an exhibition open to all of our members and showcases ceramic work from across the Central Highlands region and pieces from beginners right through to masters.

After a day of organisational madness and nervous creative chaos, which included being told we had no power (lucky we had those big bright west facing windows!) and having four of the artists deliver their work an hour before the guests arrived, we managed to pull everything together at the last very last minute.

 And before we knew it, the place was packed! Red stickers were going up, the wonderful local band Mana was playing (with the help of a very long extension lead), the champagne was flowing, and smiling happy people were all about.

But the pots were the stars...

From beginners...

To masters.

 and everywhere in between.

We screened the video we made to accompany our pozible campaign and in doing so launched the project and threw ourselves at the mercy of the crowd funding gods. Its a beautiful short movie, you really should watch it :) but there will be more about the campaign in my next post.

It was a truly beautiful night, filled with all of our favourite things- beautiful art made with  passion, lovely friendly happy excited people, music, community and of course food and wine! Oh and this guy. He's local visual artist Kevin Smith and he's a bit of a legend. He had ten years using this amazing space as his studio back in the day and the stories he told were killer. Thanks Kevin!

And thank you to everyone who contributed to this magic night, from organisers and artists to everyone who has been through the exhibition in the intervening days and shown their love! The overwhelming support and positivity surrounding this event has made us wonder why this space isn't a permanent artist run gallery space? 

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